Customer Feedback

"I Purchased a Rox Cut Regal Bent Pipe from you on saturday. System pipe. Iíve smoked it 3 times and just wanted to say what a wonderful pipe it is. Smokes beautifully and effortless draw. As cool as a cucumber. Iíve been meaning to get one of your pipes for years, wish id done it sooner. A first class pipe by any standard! It will for sure be joining me on my next climbing trip and trip to the Tyrol in Feb. Thanks once again and it was delightful to meet you at the pipe show."

Adrian F.

"GI bought the G5 Banded Lovat at The Nottingham Pipe Show and am really pleased with the workmanship and the excellent smoking qualities. It is a superb pipe in every way and I am delighted with it."

Paul H.

"Just received my two pipes, absolutely superb, itís so Good to see genuine English craftsmanship. I shall be placing another pipe order in a few months time."


"Dear Ian,

I am sitting here at home smoking your wonderful Regal Pipe which arrived here in Dunsborough, Western Australia, today. Iíll try the Premier next! Your craftsmanship is simply superb and I am just so delighted to have received them both. Thank you very much indeed.

With kind regards"

Miles K.

"Dear Ian,

I collected my bespoke Celtic-style Rox Cut Dublin with jade stem and silver ferrule at the UK pipe show last weekend (29/10/17), to say I am impressed is an understatement. You followed my specifications exactly and the pipe looks far better than ever I imagined it would. It feels entirely comfortable in both hand and mouth and its quality can be seen from a mile off, a show-stopper in every respect!

I am quite sure that this will not be my last nb.

Thanks once again, the process of developing this piece with you and see it realised was a joy from start to finish.

Yours Sincerely,"

Dan L.

"Dear Ian,

I received the pipe today: it's not what I expected, it's even better! Perfect pipe, thank you very much!

My kindest regards,"


"Hello Mr. Walker,

I received my pipe and am thrilled. It is perfect, exactly what I wanted! I just started to break it in and it smokes wonderfully. Thanks again,"

Mundy M.

"Hi Ian,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that I have received this pipe and that I am absolutely delighted with it. It's a real thing of beauty and well worth the wait. Thank you very much. I'm sure I'll be in touch again in the future for more pipes.

Best wishes"

Matthew P.

"I'm just writing to tell you that my Sea Urchin has arrived today.

Dear Mr Walker I've never seen such a beauty before - not to speak of holding in it in my own hands or even owning it!

I'm really eager to try it with half a fill of Orlik (the red one) this evening. If it smokes just half as well as it looks like I'm sure it should be the best smoke I've ever had.

I am strongly inclined to comission another of your pipes. I'm just not sure which one. In fact, I am quite determined to stick to Northern Briars for the future.

Thank you so much! Sincerely,"

Alexander A.

"I recently purchased my first northern briars pipe and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent craftsmanship. I've spent two to three times the amount of money for numerous "high-end" pipes that didn't smoke nearly as well as your northern briars pipe. From the first bowl, the pipe produced naturally sweet and nutty flavors -- not only clearly revealing the flavor profile of oft-smoked blends, but enhancing  them as well (I can say that about only one other pipe in my collection); your briar is obviously of very high quality. The engineering is perfect; it's a bent billiard that passes a cleaner and the draft hole is drilled perfectly to the bottom of the bowl, as well as being wide open providing an effortless draw. Visually, it's a beautiful piece -- the silver band is ornately carved and physically flawless; the shaping of the bowl and stem expresses a kind of bold, joyful exuberance within its classical context. In short, a tremendous value for the money. I'm debating whether to commission another one from you directly or to immediately purchase another one from a retailer. Regardless, based on my first experience, I know Iíll be pleased.

Again, thank you for your skill and artistry."

David M

"Hi Ian,

I received my order today, I was prepared to be impressed but not this impressed -- amazing work sir, the pipe's shape and execution are just a pleasure to behold.  This isn't just the pipe I hoped to receive, it's the pipe I didn't even know I could hope to receive.  Thank you.

Looking forward to my next commission."


"Dear Ian,

Jjust wanted to tell about my first smoke of the Bent. - This time, you outdid yourself. This pipe is such a wonderful smoker - only comparable to an Ashton from the earlier times of Bill Taylor's production, but unique in its own quality.

Handfeel, taste, draw - everything is excellent. The pipe didn't become hot, and I spent four and a half hours of sheer pleasure with it.
All other pipes of yours are good smokers, too - but this is beyond good : This was the best smoke till now. Whenever I should have to give up parts of my collection - I wouldn't part with this one.

Thank you so much."


"Dear Ian,

What a wonderful surprise when the door bell rang at 9.15 this morning and my pipe arrived - earlier than expected. It is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased. I had a vision of how it could be and it absolutely matches that image. There is no way it could be improved upon. It is a wonderful example of a traditional English briar pipe in the finest, faultless straight-grain briar and the balance of bowl, stem and mouthpiece is perfect. The luxury of alternative mouthpieces (and the knowledge that it was made specifically for me) makes it very special.

My wife, Jessica, thinks it is beautiful and is very impressed. She sends her thanks for making this very special, unique birthday present.

I notice that you spent a lot more on postage than you charged. May I reimburse you?

Once again, many, many thanks."


"Dear Mr. Walker,

last week I was far from my home for job but, Monday, March 31st, my wife told me by phone that your parcel arrived during the day. I saw it saturday and opened it. Ten wonderful, high class, pipes were in it!
I saw them one for one with the greatest attention... they were outstanding pipes, Champions... a dream that became reality!

I didn't smoke them but I'll do it this week. Many thanks for your great work and for your precious attentions to my wishes; I like them very much and I am very happy to have them in my collection:-) I think to contact you at the end of May or in June to order other 10 pipes (if you can take my order in that period of the years, of course).

Thank you again for all, dear Master Pipemaker!!!"

Pierpaolo Figini.

"Dear Ian,

Today I have received my order and I wanted to tell you that Ii am very very happy with my new pipe. It's a lovely zulu banded pipe and it's even better than I expected. Really, congratulations for your job!! Your are a great craftman.

I have just received my first Northern briars pipe ...... and I am now thinking in my next model, je, je.

Thanks again and best regards"

Miguel Arostegi

"Hi Ian,

Pipe received fine. Just to say thank you. It is absolutely lovely. I have had a small half bowl of Orliks Golden Sliced and it smoked like a dream.

Much appreciated and I'll certainly be back in the future for more orders.

Kind Regards"

Jonathan Wadsworth

"Dear Mr. Walker,

The pipe arrived safe and sound after a quick trip across the Atlantic. It is quite handsome indeed and it makes a great third addition to my collection of your work. Surely there will more be to come!

Many thanks for your courtesy.

Yours cordially"

Ed Hagan

"Mr. Walker,

My very sincere thanks again, for the receipt of this my second pipe from you. Wonderful! It arrived yesterday but I was out at the time and picked it up today from the local mail depot. Another marvellous design and I look forward to smoking it with as much pleasure as the first. Showing a photograph of that first pipe to some fellow pipe-smokers on a forum to which I subscribe, they expressed as much interest and enjoyment of it as I do myself!

Thank you also for getting it to me so quickly from ordering. 

Should you be at the Newark Pipe Smoking Championships in July, I hope to say hello and make your acquaintance there.

My good wishes to yourself and for your business."


"Dear Mr. Walker,

I did receive the pipe on Saturday, and of course; it’s too beautiful to smoke.  However, I did force myself to light up a bowl of Bosun Cut plug, and what a sweet, dry smoker it is.  I don’t think I will ever buy another pipe from anyone but you.  I love your artful work.

Best Wishes"


"Dear Ian,

I received the pipe yesterday... I couldn't wait til tomorrow before opening the package, so I did, and I must say the pipe is BEAUTIFUL. To which my wife fully agrees. Briar, stem, band, proportions, feel in wood, shape and weight, contrast grain with straight front and birdseyes, thick walls but still light, I just LOVE it.

Thank you very much for a nice exchange and a wonderful pipe.

You WILL hear from me again!

Kindest regards,"


"Hi Ian,

Pipe arrived safely this morning, to say I'm happy about it is an understatement it is absolutely magnificent. I’m glad I decided on the Silver Band, it looks so classy. I will smoke this sometime next week when I get out of Hospital, It gives me an incentive to get home ASAP. Will let you know in plenty time when I’m ready to order the Bruyere Premier Canadian from you, it should be soon though.

Thank you once more, it has been a pleasure to do business with you."


"Dear Mr Walker,

The Zulu arrived in today's mail. What can I say? It's a beauty! Thank you very much. I am going to think  about my next order.

Yours sincerely"

Paul Rinkes

“Dear Mr Walker,

On Tuesday I received my Roxcut Regal Plateaux which was ordered via the pipe shop in Edinburgh.

As a fellow craftsman and restorer i have a keen eye for detail. The pipe you have made for me is nothing short of an absolute gem! The attention to detail and the execution of the design is remarkable and shows great skill. Your passion for your chosen trade shines through. This pipe is almost too good to smoke but that would be a pity, so i am looking forward to smoking it this Sunday with some gauntleys deliverance. Thank you once again, yours sincerely “

Richard Bridges

“Dear Mr Walker,

I received the pipe yesterday. As it's a beautiful piece of craftmanship, I'll be proud to light it among the members of my club and happy to smoke it on other occasions. Thank you very much. ”

Marek Mrozowski - Poland

“Hello Ian,

I just want to let you know how delighted I am with the three pipes you made for me. The workmanship is top class. The poker smokes superb as I am sure the other two will when I try them. I am looking forward to the extra-large Dublin you will be making for me.”

Kenneth Burns

"I am now the proud owner of a sea urchin and an oriental hexagon. I decided to acquire both these pieces upon first sight. I received my ' oriental' today and immediately put aside several other newly acquired briars when i observed the beauty and craftsmanship of this piece. My first bowlful was absolutely divine, I completed my first bowlful by simply emptying out the ash!!! Your pipes are not only aesthetically beautiful, they smoke particularly superb. Thank you for handcrafting such collectible smoking briars."

MV Fontaine Sr

"Good Evening,

Mr. Walker, My Sea Urchin pipe arrived safely and intact.

I am nearly without words to describe my absolute appreciation and gratitude. It is beautiful, more so than any of the photographs ever depict. It is, in my estimation, truly an exquisite work of art. I am delighted by the sight of it, the feel of it in my hand, and finally after much hesitation... it's function as a tobacco pipe.

Over my lifetime of enjoying this singular pastime, relaxation,...(vice?), I have had several favorites...none of which ever came close to this one. It is going to be difficult to consider purchasing any more unless you can best this example yourself.

Thank you again so very much. A very satisfied customer and fan of your work..."

Jack Leon Boyington

" I purchased another one of your pipes from the piperack, 2012 Regal Smooth Bulldog.  The Rox Cut Lovat is a nice smoking pipe that I recently purchased.  I also have your Cherry wood Poker.

You should be very proud of your craftsmanship, obviously I am because I now have  4 northern briars in my collection.  My next one will be a countryman.  I will be 70 years old next month and probably need to curtail my pipe collecting before I am bankrupt."

Thomas Erwin

"Dear Ian,

Thank you very much indeed for my new pipe - so beautifully made and polished, a delight to the eye, comfortable in the hand, and tender between the lips.

I really appreciate your work - and not least your phone call in advance to advise me on the most suitable briar - and to offer me the chance of your making me a bowl to my long-preferred shape, and then of fitting also my preference in respect of a stem.

Thank you very much indeed, once again.

With all good wishes,

PS Looking forward to gently smoking in your/my new pipe."


"Dear Mr Walker,

I have received the dress pipe and Canadian pipe and am writing to say how delighted I am. In 50 years of smoking, I never owned pipes as good!

Yours sincerely,"

A Bradford

"I Wish To Thank You For The Quality Of Product You Offer. I Have I Have Recently Discovered Northern Briars And Now Own 3 With Plans To Collect More. The Pipes Break In Nicely, Have Fantastic Draw. The Rox Cut Finish Is Superior To Any Other Rustication/sandblast Finish~period!

I Was Disappointed Though Recently Trying To Acquire A Rox-cut "countryman" From The Briary In Alabama, It Was Sold. The Owner (Ship Elliott) Did Mention He Had Seen You At The Chicago Show And Has An Order From You Including Several "countryman" Pipes! "


"I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Nathan and I received our hawkbills and are thrilled.  Beautiful wood and specifically tailored to our wishes, you have given us some real jewels to keep in our collections.   We both love our stems and the excellent blocks you chose for our shape.  Not that you would be surprised but they both smoke like a dream.  I know for a fact that mine stayed lit for a full 8 minutes without a single puff about a quarter way through the bowl.  We are so pleased and grateful.  Our friends are jealous too!  Thank you so much for such outstanding examples of your craft and superior pipes."


"Firstly, I would like to acknowledge receipt of my pipe which arrived earlier in the week. I was very excited to receive it. I was NOT disappointed.

It is a beauty, and physically perfectly suited to me. It fits in my hand with much comfort, and the weight is perfect, as though you had made it just for me I am absolutely delighted, and already looking forward to future purchase, as I try another style that grabs mine eye, it's just a matter of which one! I look forward to many years of contented smoking with your briar. I have to say, I think every pipe smoker should have an Ian Walker/Northern Briar's in their collection or rotation."

Gibbs - Stroud, Gloucestershire

"I Recently Acquired A Beautiful Rox Cut Straight Apple By Northern Briars. I Wish To Praise You On The Beautiful Craftsmanship And Excellent Qualities Of This Pipe. I Believe It Shall Soon Become A Favorite!

I Would Also Like To Ask One Question: Are Your Pipes Oil Cured? I Am By No Means An Expert, But Both The Scent Of The Pre-smoked Pipe, And The Nutty Quality Of The Smoke Seemed To Suggest To Me That They Are.

Given That Your Fine Pipe Is Very Similar In Taste To An Ashton Or Ferndown, I Felt The Need To Asks About This.

Thank You For Your Excellent Work--you Have Made This College Professor A Much Happier Pipe Smoker"

Dr. S. Connolly

"I just wanted to inform you that I received the pipe a couple weeks ago, and finally got around to breaking it in this weekend. The pipe itself looks absolutely fantastic, and is extremely comfortable to hold or clench. Of course not all of us buy pipes just to look at, so I decided to break this one in with the two blends from the Showdown last year (Blackhouse and Blue Mountain). The pipe smokes amazingly from the beginning. I don't think any of my pipes have burnt tobacco down to complete ash from the get go. Wonderful smoking experience. Top marks from me, and I definitely do not anticipate that this will be the only Northern Briars pipe in my collection. Thanks for everything, working with you on this was a blast. I wish you all the best."

Jordan Kein

"I got the pipe on the last week! I'm very satisfied with my new pipe! Great work , great design , great smoke ! The pipe' s tobacco will SG BB flake !!"

Somogyi Gábor

"The pipe arrived safely today. I am VERY pleased with it - well made and balanced, attractive design, light in weight. Looking forward to smoking it!

Thanks againMany thanks for your excellent and friendly service."

Mike - Gloucester